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So, I believe that the Polish market will rely less and less on foreign formats.
CCTV's decision to begin screening a localized version of the British production Teletubbies has signaled new acceptance of foreign formats.
Both DR1 and TV2 adapt foreign formats for their primetime schedules, an unsurprising circumstance considering the results of my previous study.
Format Television, specializes in buying foreign formats and reproducing TV shows around the world, including "I Survived a Japanese Game Show," which aired for two seasons on ABC.
The memo, which was originally published by Los Angeles entertainment industry blog Deadline Hollywood Daily in late June, encouraged producers to "carefully scrutinize" whether it is "necessary or appropriate" to license foreign formats.
The trend toward a more global TV-production mindset--in adapting foreign formats and border-crossing coproductions--was on prominent display at the Rome Fiction Fest, starting with the execs who made the trek.
TNT in particular is increasingly receptive to foreign formats, and Cinemotion Group recently licensed Mile High to produce a local adaptation of the series that airs on Sky in the U.

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