foreign influx

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They've had a foreign influx of players and the coach has really got them at it.
Rangers have always been identified with home-grown players within the foreign influx.
Definitely, the huge influx of tourists all year round to our country from all over the world, estimated currently at over 40 million, was a major stimulus for this Saudi and foreign influx of investments," he said.
Newcastle sell themselves as a platform these days and Sissoko, like the rest of the foreign influx, will dream of Champions League nights, medals and European football.
This surging foreign influx has led regulators to recognise the inevitable need to restructure regulations, lending policies and judicial legislation.
JAMIE HEASLIP is proud of Leinster's home-grown roots, but he's hoping another foreign influx can inspire the club to European glory.
Suddenly, the foreign influx, which had reached half all players in 2002, could not be afforded any more.
After a disappointing last season where the Beirut club's domestic hegemony was finally breached, surrendering their first league title in eight years, management opted for a facelift to their roster, with Ahmad Ibrahim spearheading the foreign influx of players for the local powerhouse.
The fact is that foreign influx of goods weakens national competitiveness, while foreign investment tends to benefit the national capital market, rather than improve production.
And you certainly will not find many Brighton fans complaining about the foreign influx which brought in their Uruguayan boss.
The foreign influx has brought good jobs to a narrow class of well-educated Libyans.
Unimpressed by the foreign influx on the Melbourne Cup "Spot the Aussie"
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