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SECRETARY. An officer who, by order of his superior, writes letters and other instruments. He is so called because he is possessed of the secrets of his employer. This term wag used in France in 1343, and in England the term secretary was first applied to the clerks of the king, who being always near his person were called clerks of the secret, and in the reign of Henry VIII. the term secretary of state came into it.

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January 5: Foreign Minister Davutoglu met with his Brazilian counterpart Celso Amorim in Ankara.
The proposal calls for appointing Kato as vice foreign minister, the official said.
The foreign minister said he had accepted the invitation when the Secretary of State called him on August 14, and looked forward to his early interactions in Washington.
In her statement and other interactions during the Conference, the Foreign Minister will stress the need for solidarity among countries of Muslim Ummah at a time when the Muslim World is facing serious challenges.
Foreign Minister Khar particularly sought Malaysian investment in the tourism section.
Foreign guests of honor make frequent visits to Japan, and the foreign minister would be physically overburdened if she were to handle the social events all by herself,'' Sugiura said.
The Turkish Foreign Minister also highlighted the challenges faced due to influx of about 3 million refugees and immigrants in Turkey.
The sixth trilateral meeting of Azerbaijani, Georgian and Turkish foreign ministers was held in Baku on Sept.
In addition, the foreign ministers also stressed the need to provide more facilities for Pakistani pilgrims visiting Iran.
In June this year, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi conducted a shuttle diplomacy between the two countries and three sides agreed to establish a dialogue mechanism for foreign ministers and set up a platform for enhancing tripartite dialogue and cooperation,' she added.
The GCC Foreign Ministers were received at King Salman Air Base Airport by Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, GCC Secretary General Dr.
The Foreign Ministers of the CIS members agreed on Friday to hold their next meeting in Astana in the fall.

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