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Fifteen years later, he aggravated old wounds when he offered his own self-aggrandizing and factually erroneous account of the origins of the foreign mission movement during a speaking tour in the United States.
British, USA and Canadian participants in the North Atlantic Missiology Project, co-ordinated by the University of Cambridge in England, contribute the dozen articles which make up North American Foreign Missions, 1810-1914.
This article briefly examines the missionary work of James Edward East, who was assigned to Middle Drift, South Africa, by the National Baptist Foreign Mission Board, and his wife and helpmate, Lucinda Thomas East, who accompanied him to the mission field.
parking and traffic laws, which foreign mission personnel must respect under the Vienna Conventions.
KARACHI -- The government of Sindh has imposed restrictions on law enforcement agencies, particularly the police, from approaching foreign missions directly, according to a policy issued by the department to inspector general of police and director of civil defence.
Customs Wing of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) wrote a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to check the validity of all exemption certificates provided by foreign missions and consulates for the import of diplomatic consignments.
The CSB then conveys the decision to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which in turn informs the embassy or the foreign mission," Al Zayed said.
The area of such real estate shall not be greater than 4,500 m2 for each foreign mission, noting that such area may be increased by a resolution of the Emir; and
The cost of this foreign mission will be co-financed by the Czech Republic and the EU.
Foreign mission was totally dependent on women for organizing grassroots support, for fundraising, and for providing the largest number of recruits for the mission field in the form both of missionary wives and of single female missionaries, with the result that the roles of women and the opportunities open to women were expanded to the point of transforming both church and society.
One of the first Americans to feel the need for American churches to take part in the British-led movement to spread the Gospel to foreign lands, Mills initiated and guided the student movement that inspired Congregationalists to organize the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM), was instrumental in the formation of the Foreign Mission School to educate indigenous people from abroad so that they could become ministers and missionaries in their homelands, and was a primary mover in the formation of the Presbyterians' United Foreign Mission Society.

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