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The Bears' choice of Lindblom, not Nippert, to complete their recruitment of foreign-born players came as a surprise.
Our results indicate that less-educated native-born workers do react to the presence of foreign-born workers in their local labor market.
Focusing of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Eschker, Perez, and Siegler (2004) find that there was a premium paid to international players for the 1996-97 and 1997-98 seasons due to a "winners curse" in the market from the inability of scouts and general managers to properly evaluate the worth of foreign-born players who did not play college basketball in the US.
Meanwhile, the median income for all foreign-born employed workers was lower, $26,000, and the earnings gap between the 75th and 25th percentiles was smaller at $36,600.
Select READ MORE to see a list of foreign-born players on 2012 Opening Day rosters
In Louisiana, the proportion of TB cases reported in foreign-born persons is much lower than the proportion of cases reported in foreign-born persons overall in the United States, suggesting that TB in the foreign-born population may be of lesser impact in Louisiana as compared to the rest of the country.
Foreign-born persons often have more difficulties to find a job corresponding to their education level.
The foreign-born population is not only increasing, it's changing quite rapidly," says John Pitkin, the report's lead author.
Foreign-born case-patients comprised naturalized citizens, PRs, and LTPHs.
With exceptions, native- and foreign-born workers generally resemble each other in their distribution across broad industrial and occupational sectors.
In some areas of Chicago and suburban Cook County, foreign-born citizens have reached a critical mass, and they're past a tipping point," said Rob Paral, a former senior research associate at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials and a long-time researcher on immigration issues.
The percentage of children with one foreign-born parent was highest in California (50%), followed by Nevada (36%).

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