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Cain's sacrifice of first-fruits in Book 11 disintegrates, of course, into fratricide, but God, foreknowing the failure of that sacrifice, has already acted to complete the soteriological meaning of Passover.
For sometimes the mind, foreknowing of evil, seems to instill grief, but foreknowledge of good seems to instill a certain happiness.
Now it certainly seems, at least prima facie, that the same reasoning would go through if it were God doing the foreknowing rather than Smith; and if so, it is a soft fact before [t.
The irony that is created by Raphael's retrospective and thus foreknowing account of the warfare is a major source for Milton's satire.
Abdiel's point is plain enough, and it is reinforced to the reader by the fact that at the very rise of the rebellion God was shown foreknowing and limiting all that was to come (v.