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You've exchanged the potential adventure of walking for the foreknown object of the walk.
18) These others were the praesciti, those whose perdition was foreknown to God.
The difficulty of a beneficent God who knows that some will damn themselves but does not use his omnipotence to prevent it was resolved in Catholic doctrine by distinguishing between the foreordained elect and the foreknown damned, and by reasoning that the attitude of the divine will was crucially different in the two cases.
I was to carry Stevens with me into places neither of us could have foreknown, places as dense, implacable, and intricate as the desert at Joshua Tree.
Life is the representation of the providentially foreknown.
Adam could well have not committed the sin, but then God would have foreknown just this.
He insists on the "ache / Deferred, foreknown, imagined and most real" in Socrates's death, and sees in poetry the one fully honest response to mortality.