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Free will decides one way or another in a given situation and thereby determines what happens and what God therefore foreknows.
33) To identify with the evacuated Dandy is to make it rise again, to possess it of the attributes of the discursive subject whose dispossession has allowed Baudelaire to foreknow his artist's fate in the Dandy.
The Problem of Freedom is at least potentially the more serious of the two, since an infallible foreknower curtails the (libertarian) freedom of anyone whose actions he foreknows, whereas the only intentionality that can be thwarted by such knowledge is his own (no matter what he foreknows about the actions of others).
Ockhamists accept the fact that God foreknows free actions, but insist that God's past beliefs about such actions are not fixed or "hard" features of the past; they depend on what happens in the future.
103) The ethical consequences of this doctrine are disturbing: God's will, according to Calvin, is the active cause of every event or action, either good or evil; and God foreknows who will be damned and saved for the very good reason that he has willed it from all eternity.
Although he bridges between works and revelation by positing an inner person, on whom grace works, and an outer person, who moves in worldly communities and can be disciplined by works, (26) Luther is unequivocal about predestination in De servo arbitrio: "God foreknows nothing by contingency, but that He foresees, purposes, and does all things according to His immutable, eternal, and infallible will.
Insofar as DOS rests on any mechanism at all, this will consist of His directly accessing the very state of affairs He dispositionally foreknows.