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Suddenly the First and Foremost swung his brass hoop and caught Guph around the neck with it.
The First and Foremost now laughed grimly and released his prisoner.
After relating all this, and telling of the tunnel the Nome King was building, he said he had come to ask the First and Foremost to join the Nomes, with his band of terrible warriors, and help them to defeat the Oz people.
This answer set the First and Foremost laughing anew.
The First and Foremost slowly raised his arms, and in a twinkling his hairy skin fell from him and he appeared before the astonished Nome as a beautiful woman, clothed in a flowing gown of pink gauze.
Then the First and Foremost, who had resumed his hairy body and bear head, turned to the Nome and asked
you have answered me," cried the First and Foremost.
And the First and Foremost, beautifully arrayed, addressed the others in these words:
It consists of three primary lines of business underwritten by Foremost Insurance Group: business owner's policy for property, general liability and umbrella; commercial auto; and workers' compensation.
Foremost is a proud member of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, and a single source for property and casualty insurance.
Global Banking News-February 20, 2018--The Hartford to takeover Foremost unit
Presentations will be made by CEOs of local tech companies, Foremost Media, Shine Medical Technologies and N1 Critical Technologies.