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Most of our surnames come from four sources -the forenames of ancestors, the places where people lived, their occupations and their nicknames.
The forename has the same legal characters as the surname, but only when it is associated with the latter.
A forename may not be such as to cause its bearer embarrassment.
For each forename that was deemed 'old', participants were further required to decide whether their recognition was based on remembering, knowing or just guessing.
I never knew his forename as he was always referred to as "Mr Dahl".
ASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Surname Forename Passes Allen Laura 3 Bains Adam 3.
The National Records of Scotland have published every forename registered in 2013.
Winner's forename and town/city may be used in future promotional material.
Take, for instance, the hapless Paris Brown, aged 17, who, despite a silly forename and even sillier hairstyle, had been destined to become Kent's Youth Police and Crime Commissioner, whatever that might be.
Pryce, 59, from Clapham, South London, was listed under her Greek forename Vasiliki.
Key Blatter fact of the day: because he is known as Sepp, most people completely forget that his first name is Joseph, which is coincidentally the same forename as that of murderous dictator Stalin.