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Belonging to courts of justice.

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1) adj. from Latin forensis for "belonging to the forum," ancient Rome's site for public debate, and currently meaning pertaining to the courts. Thus, forensic testimony or forensic medicine are used to assist the court or the attorneys in legal matters, including trials.

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to do with courts. Thus a barrister has forensic skills, forensic medicine is the application of medicine to legal issues in courts and forensic accountancy is the application of accounting skill to legal issues.
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He said that Ministry of Interior has directed for early completion of all forensic audits.
The IG police said that the Sindh police had already established forensic facilities in Karachi, Hyderabad and Larkana.
The video was sent to Punjab Forensic Lab for tests followed by findings if the audio and video were tempered with in any way by the Federal Investigative Agency.
Meanwhile, talking to The Express Tribune, Sindh Home Secretary Abdul Kabir Qazi reiterated that the provincial government has already released the required funds for setting up a forensic unit in Karachi University.
Much like a crime scene investigator, a forensic meteorologist is a weather investigator that evaluates the impact weather has on the alleged damage to the person or property.
The reason that teeth and other dental tissues play important role in the field of forensic science could be explained briefly through following
The event includes workshops focusing on subjects such as forensic medicine, criminal justice, criminology, forensic dentistry, forensic psychiatry, criminal and clinical toxicology, forgery and counterfeiting, DNA, criminal chemistry, digital criminal evidence, anthropology, and crises and catastrophes.
AIGP also briefed the participants about recent visit of IGP Sindh Dr Syed Kaleem Imam to Forensic Division Sindh.
The CJP said forensic audit of the housing societies was welcome.
Mamelodi had made an application to the High Court to challenge findings of the audit report that was prepared by ADM Forensic Services at the instruction of Botswana Football Association (BFA).
The forensic science field is in a period of remarkable transition, stemming from the ever-increasing demands of the courtroom for exact science, as well as rapid technological advances in the ways experts are able to gather and analyze minute quantities of materials to draw sound conclusions in the lab.
Write blocks are software or hardware products used to capture forensic images that do not allow data to be written to the evidence.

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