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noun case in point, documentum, example, exemplum, exponent, guide, illustration, model, paradigm, pattern, representative, repreeentative selection, sample
See also: case, entity, example, illustration, instance, model, paragon, pattern, representative, sample

SPECIMEN. A sample; a part of something by which the other may be known.
     2. The act of congress of July 4, 1836, section 6, requires the inventor or discoverer of an invention or discovery to accompany his petition and specification for a patent with specimens of ingredients, an of the composition of matter, sufficient in quantity for the purpose of experiment, where the invention or discovery is of the composition of matter.

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Though several immunological methods have been reported for the detection of snake venom across the world (10-13), detection of snake venom in forensic specimens is more tedious for the forensic experts to know the exact cause of death of the victim.
Very limited amounts of target sequences are also encountered in paraffin-embedded tissue blocks (25), ancient specimens (26), forensic specimens taken from crime scenes (26, 27), circulating nucleic acids (28, 29), and engraftment of sex-mismatched organ transplantation (30).
Ancient DNA: recovery and analysis of genetic material from paleontological, archaeological, museum, medical, and forensic specimens.

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