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Belonging to courts of justice.

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1) adj. from Latin forensis for "belonging to the forum," ancient Rome's site for public debate, and currently meaning pertaining to the courts. Thus, forensic testimony or forensic medicine are used to assist the court or the attorneys in legal matters, including trials.

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to do with courts. Thus a barrister has forensic skills, forensic medicine is the application of medicine to legal issues in courts and forensic accountancy is the application of accounting skill to legal issues.
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Mr Tingley said there is no video footage available and investigators are trying to confirm sightings from members of the public, police officers and ground staff, as well as forensically examining the damaged drone, which was found near the runway's perimeter, in Horley, by a member of the public.
The company is prepared to assist clients with forensically analyzing any UAV, even those severely damaged in a crash, by leveraging its exemplary forensic team of technicians, analysts, and developers in its fully-equipped data recovery and digital forensics lab.
Built on the proven UFED platform, InField enables the real-time, forensically sound extraction of mobile device data and produces defensible evidence investigative stakeholders can stand behind.
Ms Trafford called the police who attended and took the device away to be forensically tested.
Collecting cloud-based data in a forensically sound and defensible manner requires some different processes, procedures and tools.
Officers took evidence from the scene, which will be forensically examined as part of the investigation.
Working with veteran air crash investigator Tony Cable, Horizon forensically examines the evidence to try and find out.
His car was found the next day in the car park at Blackhall Rocks, near Peterlee, and has been forensically examined.
BLOOD-stained clothing owned by two men accused of murder has been forensically linked to victim Craig Hepburn.
I know every penny counts, but the guy was eventually caught because he'd left his toothbrush in his room, and scenes of crime investigators forensically tested it, and discovered a DNA match.
The two main goals of the investigation were to identify the individuals responsible for the construction of bombs and to link those suspects forensically with the bomb-making factory, the materials contained therein and their additional support locations.