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43) While agencies have control over the direction of their project, "an agency may not define the objectives of its action in terms so unreasonably narrow that only one alternative from among the environmentally benign ones in the agency's power would accomplish the goals of the agency's action, and the EIS would become a foreordained formality.
What religious splits exist between IS orthodoxy and most other Sunni Muslim authorities (including Salafists of any stripe) are over methods and timing--gentler methods of the struggle now and a foreordained caliphate later.
So some people might wonder why it was worth spending an estimated 48 million dollars to hold an election that was a foreordained outcome.
No amount of resistance by security forces could have saved the breakup since the endgame was foreordained.
I fervently wished that like those birds in my old mango tree, everyone would suddenly, by some foreordained signal, just collectively shut up.
After this, Sam's fate becomes increasingly foreordained.
With courage that could only be attributed to the Spirit, they proclaimed to their Jewish brothers and sisters that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, foreordained by God and foretold by the prophets.
Gaps are inevitable, and slippage foreordained between abstractions and their manifestations in all human endeavors.
is nothing automatic or foreordained about the success of such transitions.
Using examples of the British and Soviet empires, Johnson concludes "If we do not learn from their examples, our decline and fall is foreordained.
The 'Final Solution' was not foreordained and it was never inevitable.