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(7) EISs are merely a foreordained formality for USFS actions in experimental forests, and USFS can sidestep a serious look at environmental impacts when they have become familiar with how courts will review their actions.
In "Insects," it is almost impossible to experience the naked sexual power in service of an absolutely foreordained uncertainty without feeling simultaneously the guilty pleasure of voyeurism and frustration at its sudden, irrevocable termination.
If man has no free will and everything is appointed and foreordained by Allah or if man is really helpless in the face of his physical or spiritual upbringing and environment, then prosecution trial, courts and punishment have no meaning.
His books, His Messengers, and the Last Day; and to believe in foreordained destiny, for better or worse," in Muslim's wording (Iman, bayan al-Iman walislam wal-ihsan).
It only needs to promote and work toward a foreordained future caliphate.
But even though 13P is gone, their example--the self-producing aspect if not the foreordained ending--has inspired other ensembles to follow suit.
To those who oppose the ordinance or see a need for substantive changes, it appears that council approval was foreordained - it was clear from the day it was introduced that Eugene would have a paid sick leave ordinance.
But that foreordained result was less important than the peculiar reasoning that perhaps was necessary to make unanimity possible.
Yet this singular, spectacular success was not foreordained. In A Call to Arms, Maury Klein explores how late 1930s America started to prepare for war--the infinitely complicated steps and how they affected the conflict abroad and society at home.
And, while it is inevitable that some will be unsatisfied with the policy choices ultimately made, an open process will enhance stakeholder confidence that the legislative outcomes were not foreordained.
He worked extensively on sabot and fin-stabilized tank ammunition, and having a lifelong passion for hunting, it was almost foreordained that Sauvestre would eventually turn his considerable engineering talents loose on cutting-edge hunting ammunition.
"We must set Europe's age of expansion firmly in its Eurasian context," Darwin writes, and recognize that there was nothing foreordained about Europe's rise-or its current decline.