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We need the home and the school and the churches working together again like we had with our foreparents.
While she cannot determine how long such meals continued, though Didache 4:8 and Barnabas 19:8 imply communal meals, in later history some of our foreparents like the Hutterites (and the modern Bruderhof) did return to the New Testament community of goods and common meals.
This is the promise that drew all of our foreparents to Birmingham and the core experience that unites us.
And we don't fix it necessarily because you and I or our foreparents individually perpetrated the offense.
Our foreparents may not have been so modest as we are encouraged to believe.
They knew that he prayed to the God of his foreparents three times a day.
These publishers are , in many ways, foreparents of gay publishing today.
The world will little note nor long remember the current battle over Gettysburg tourism, but it can never forget what our foreparents, both Union and Confederate, did there.
Bitter herbs represent the harshness of subjugation and exploitation; charoset -- a mixture of apples, nuts, and wine -- looks like mortar and brings to mind the bricks our foreparents were forced to make, bricks with which they built Egyptian cities.
Culture is about what we do today as well as what our foreparents did yesterday.
As our foreparents knew well, wrong creates obligations; taking responsibility for those obligations is the beginning of genuine accountability.