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Everytime the Philippine flag is hoisted in schools and offices, let us take time to reflect and appreciate the many struggles and sacrifices that our foreparents and heroes made to gain the freedom that we now enjoy.
And we don't fix it necessarily because you and I or our foreparents individually perpetrated the offense.
It makes me realize I have a mission still, which is to learn Yiddish, the language of my foreparents, at least well enough to grasp some of its nuances, to read a bit of Yiddish poetry, even if there is no community in which I can speak it.
Our foreparents may not have been so modest as we are encouraged to believe.
While she cannot determine how long such meals continued, though Didache 4:8 and Barnabas 19:8 imply communal meals, in later history some of our foreparents like the Hutterites (and the modern Bruderhof) did return to the New Testament community of goods and common meals.
This is the promise that drew all of our foreparents to Birmingham and the core experience that unites us.
Until this culture returns to spiritual core values, proper order in the family unit and basic respect for leadership and legacy, we will continue to move in a direction detrimental to what our foreparents envisioned.
We need the home and the school and the churches working together again like we had with our foreparents.
They knew that he prayed to the God of his foreparents three times a day.
5) The idea also that in Dryden's Eden, Adam and Eve prefigure the shameful sexual and greedy behavior of fallen human nature sadly contradicts Milton's view of the foreparents as inherently good before and after their fall.
But Temperley hasn't quite decided if he wants to write a piece of anachronistic silliness, or tell a more significant tale of the early history of our foreparents, or simply draw a satire of the Bush administration by raising parallels between this country's first political and religious fundamentalists, revisionists and spinmeisters.