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The foreperson said, "There were very heated debates [in the jury room] because there was no direct testimony--everything was on paper.
Arkansas, (116) which involved a process not known in New York, where the foreperson of a jury "informally" advises the court of its interim results.
Arkansas addressed whether or not the Double Jeopardy Clause is offended when a defendant is retried on the greater charges of a multiple charge indictment after the jury foreperson announces in open court that the jury is unanimous against conviction on those greater charges but deadlocked on one of the lesser charges.
The facts were that on voir dire the jury foreperson, a nurse, assured the court she would not allow her expertise and experience as a nurse to override the evidence presented during the trial.
The study of the 179 Indiana juries revealed that juries convicted more frequently when the foreperson voted to convict, especially when the foreperson was white and male.
The jury will begin jury deliberations, after a foreperson is chosen.
83) Accounts of injuries suffered in CAFOs include workers killed by falling equipment or falling animals, limbs badly damaged and often amputated after getting stuck in industrial machinery, workers being forced to urinate and defecate in their clothing when a foreperson refuses to stop the processing line, and numerous other disturbing anecdotes.
This is the fourth time I have had the privilege and honor to serve on the jury and the fourth year as the jury foreperson.
supra note 30, at 145 (finding that defendant and foreperson race does not predict acquittal under any type of evidentiary condition).
1993) (noting that "appellate review of a trial court's improper use of a court clerk 'to instruct' the jury foreperson concerning the verdict sheet would not be precluded by a defendant's failure to object thereto," but declining to undertake review in the absence of a proper record).