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90) Here, however, the lack of difference in self-reported influence was also reflected in observable behavioral measures, including selection as foreperson.
122 (2006) (arguing that court officials, implicitly biased because of the model minority stereotype, believed that Asian Americans were not good forepersons because they were not good leaders); see also Benson, supra note 135, at 47 (hypothesizing that a judge who accepted prejudiced stereotypes of Asian Americans as "introverted and timid" would not select a Chinese American foreperson).
Shop forepersons usually work their way up from the shop floor to management.
122, 133-36 (2006) (focusing on the role of implicit bias in grand jury foreperson selection).
Professor Phyllis Crocker of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law has written a useful and informative article about her personal experiences as the foreperson of a Cuyahoga County grand jury in Cleveland, Ohio--a temporary, part-time, appointive position.
Both management and working forepersons have no clue/care on how to accommodate or deploy the workforce to fulfil our public duties.
Producers are traditionally the foremen, or forepersons if you will, of their newscasts, with considerable editorial and supervisory clout.
He challenged his indictment on the ground that the procedure for selecting grand jury forepersons in Louisiana was racially biased.
The wages for starters, forepersons and handypersons will increase by $20.
requires a site manager (minimum HND qualified) and site forepersons for Railtrack and civil engineering projects in the North-West.
The welding program simulates the workplace through a chain-of-command system consisting of a superintendent and two shop forepersons.