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Progress has been registered especially in the egovernment forerunning countries, such as Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, but the current typology places three of the newer EU member states--Malta, Poland and Romania--in the category with the most advanced opportunities for online civic engagement.
and whence the liberty of the malapart tongue is derived; Spaine had the warinesse to purge it selfe, before the ranckenesse of that growth dissolved it selfe into suche dangerous effecte, which they conceived to be the forerunning causes of trouble, discontent, domestique perturbations, and (many times) Rebellion: which the unfortunate Greciano, (8) had not the happines to foresee, and in due time to prevent.
The Induction to Antonio and Mellida (1599) not only mocks Matzagente for his "tuftie Tamburlaine" rhetorical poses; it also introduces Balurdo as "A servile hounde, that loves the scent of forerunning fashion, like an emptie hollow vault, still giving an eccho to wit: greedily champing what any other well valued judgement had before hand shew'd.
London Elektricity are best-known as a forerunning live drum and bass act, although they make jazz, funk, soul, and breakbeat.
As the forerunning local planning policy it became known by development professionals as The Merton Rule.
Wasps are among the forerunning illusionists around, and on Saturday at Adams Park they booked their place in the EDF Cup semi-finals thanks to a performance to rival the top conjurors.
But unlike "found footage" art like that shown at the Milwaukee Art Museum in the summer of 2005 as described by New York Times art critic, Roberta Smith, this documentary's forerunning concern is not the fundamental organization of film form and structure.
These it transforms allegorically as "examples," each prophetically forerunning aspects of the new Christian dispensation in a final fulfilment of the meaning of history.
Among them are the 1936 Stout Scarab, designed by William Stout, resembling, yes, a beetle, and forerunning what are now considered minivans .
We will determine whether to follow suit after examining the performances of forerunning brokerages,'' said an official of a second-tier brokerage house.
However it has to be noted that an integration-seeking initiative as endeavoured by the City of Rome was not part of a general movement based on a national trend, rather the forerunning initiative of the city administration.
Lewis's forerunning ideas, but this is its first systematic application, in both theory and analysis, to Coleridge's ideas of the creative work of the Imagination and to the poetry.