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The challenges of care delivery in a multi-location ED was a major driver behind the decision to implement the Ensemble-enabled Forerun ED system, according to Janet Shelters, Nurse Manager.
Based on information delivered by Forerun ED, for example, we might decide to assign an additional nurse to do triage or send a patient care technician to do an EKG in a private area of the waiting room rather than waiting until the patient is in the appropriate ED pod," she said.
In addition to patient data entered at registration, information from the laboratory, radiology, PACS, medication and administration systems flows into the Forerun ED application as tests are performed and results are available.
Using Ensemble's rapid integration and development environment, Forerun technologists built the necessary HL7 message interfaces needed to integrate all relevant SNCH applications and data repositories.
The Forerun ED product reflects the fact that it was initially conceived and developed by physicians practicing emergency medicine at a world-renowned medical center," said Ken Wolfe, Forerun CEO.
It's a pleasure to work with Forerun to provide a software product that addresses the unique information requirements of the ED so successfully," said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning.
Over the next year to eighteen months, Forerun plans to make its software widely available in the U.
Forerun is poised to change the way emergency departments operate by providing a safe, reliable and affordable service to capture, integrate and manage essential patient and hospital data.
Forerun is single-mindedly committed to improving the clinical quality and economics of Emergency Departments.
Forerun owns the exclusive commercial rights to the EDDashboard, a nationally recognized, clinically focused ED information system.