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"As religious leaders, we are foreseeing the swearing-in of Raila bringing chaos which is likely to cause the deaths of many if something is not done urgently."
Some 25% of US companies expect higher demand in the next three months, up from 17%, with 54% foreseeing steady demand.
The European Commission sent, on 28 February, a reasoned opinion (the second step of infringement proceedings) to Belgium for failure to respect the directive foreseeing the establishment of a general framework for informing and consulting the employees (Directive 2002/14 of 11 March 2002).
The hiring picture looked worse in the Springdale area, where 83 percent of survey respondents predicted no change in hiring levels and only 7 percent foreseeing an increase.
fertility clinics create multiple embryos foreseeing that some will probably not be needed and will thus be discarded or donated for research, the purpose for which they are created is simply to maximize the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy.
Foreseeing disastrous consequences not only in Iraq but throughout the region, they also asked the Iraqis to participate in "an all-out effort to avoid war and prevent untold sufferings for millions of innocent people" (Jan 21/03).