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The Weekly Standard foreshadowed a change on the right, away from skepticism about government and toward more nationalistic conservatism.
It is always difficult to bring off because of the Impressionism foreshadowed in Faure's music and the references to Paris Opera dancing.
Because of the three foreshadowed questions were used as a framework for the categories, the independent rater was given a copy of the foreshadowed questions.
Gregory's life foreshadowed the persecution of the Armenian Church down the ages.
Much of Wallace's campaign foreshadowed this year's Nader candidacy--including the final vote count: about 2.4 percent of the electorate for Wallace, as opposed to 2.7 percent for Nader.
This was also seen in ADC Telecommunications' acquisition of Spectracom in a deal valued at up to $105 million and foreshadowed the consolidation reflected in the recent bid by JDS Uniphase for rival E-TEK Dynamics in an all-stock deal worth potentially $15 billion.
Furthermore, Airbus has foreshadowed sales of up to 73 of its A320 family of narrowbody aircraft and 27 A330 and A340 aircraft.
Along with the endearingly raspy singing of its star Gwen Verdon, Sweet Charity foreshadowed the sexually ambivalent sensuality that director-choreographer Bob Fosse took still further in the film Cabaret (1972) and in Chicago (1975) onstage.
APHA's 1991 meeting, for example, foreshadowed the imminent health care reform debates by offering no fewer than three separate research panels on long-term care financing: a panel devoted to nursing home reimbursement, a panel on the subject of the cost-effectiveness of home health care for the elderly, and a presentation on managed care for Medicare.
The answer -- foreshadowed in the first chapter, where Gaudi, Asplund and Loos are shown reacting against the gradual debasement of the orders from metaphor to fancy-dress -- is withheld to the last.
Cinq-Mars illustrates the waning power of the 17th-century aristocracy and Richelieu's subversion of the French feudal system, which foreshadowed the inevitable downfall of the monarchy.
It was foreshadowed in a prelude to the performance during which a magician poured a pitcher of milk into ever smaller glasses until it disappeared, leaving a pea in his hand.