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The pattern of men deserting loved ones also foreshadows a larger theme within the two-play cycle.
Core machinery orders foreshadow businesses' capital outlays on new factories and equipment.
Drawing upon the spiritual ancestors of the Exodus, Paul uses sacramental typology in which passing through the sea foreshadows baptism and eating and drinking spiritual food and drink foreshadows the Lord's Supper (see Satterlee and Ruth, Creative Preaching on the Sacraments) to show that the rock from which the water sprang is Christ himself.
Each island is accompanied by a painted canvas that both abstracts and foreshadows the unfolding story.
Conductor Simone Young sets the tone for the work in her sensitive, gripping interpretation of the overture, which foreshadows the Wild West feel of Aaron Copland.
No specific symptom pattern was found that foreshadows suicide among depressed patients.
But just when the book threatens to become mired in the mundane, there is a take-no-prisoners discussion of contemporary jazz, literature or politics that affirms Ellison's powers of perception and foreshadows what Murray would later accomplish.
Vittoria was a sculptor of great originality and versatility, practising a style that ranges from an elegant, attenuated Mannerism to a powerful physiognomic naturalism, and to a sensuous dynamism that foreshadows Bernini.
September's slippage represents the sixth consecutive month of decline in the index and foreshadows a significant loss of U.
Not performed for almost fifty years, L'Ombre has a story that foreshadows Petipa's better known La Bayadere.
This foreshadows a strong turnaround in the tech industry in Maryland, especially since VC investments drive innovation.
But the back-and-forth also foreshadows future fights likely to take place as more species come up for review.