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BEACH. The sea shore. (q. v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This coming Sunday is the club Christmas Match on Cardiff foreshore. It's a members only competition with anglers asked to meet on Heliport Road at 9am with fishing from 10am to 2pm.
"This is a great opportunity to appoint artists to these two commissions who will deliver innovative and thoughtful works that enhance Flint Foreshore and the town."
It is unlikely to be warmly received by pier-owning firm Ameco, which is funding the PS3m restoration of the pier with the expectation that the foreshore flats would generate income for the ongoing project.
A list from the community environment and natural resources office also cited the Bolinao School of Fisheries, the mangrove nursery of the office of the provincial agriculturist and a barangay hall for violating rules on building on foreshore and salvage areas.
"The works ensure our foreshore is looking at its very best in advance of welcoming thousands of visitors over
Mayor Marlon Sales of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, told the forum that the failure of the DENR to issue guidelines on foreshore lands over the years has worsened encroachment problems in the town's coastal tourism hub.
Moreover, AGHAM claimed that it was impossible to have a Foreshore Lease Agreement executed in favor of DMCIMC because, in reality, there is no foreshore area abutting its lot.
Although the Society of Thames Mudlarks has only 51 registered members (all Thames historians in their own right), anyone can obtain a licence to search the foreshore from the Port of London Authority, and mudlarking groups and clubs have sprung up in recent years.
The council brochure advertising the sites says: "A unique opportunity has arisen for a high-quality restaurant/cafe offer at development Site A, situated on South Shields' popular Foreshore. The site overlooks Littlehaven beach and the mouth of the River Tyne, which provides a prime location.
Take Me to the River: The Story of Perth's Foreshore