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BEACH. The sea shore. (q. v.)

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The Crown own huge tracts of land across Scotland, including much of the country's foreshore and the sea bed out to a distance of 12 miles.
Mr Ridsdale added: "It is very unusual for foreshore to be available for purchase in the UK, as the majority of it belongs to the Crown Estate.
The light-bellied Brent geese - on the amber list of endangered species - was the main driver and they had a lease on the foreshore.
This regeneration scheme will not only create something wonderful, which will bring more visitors to an underused part of the foreshore, but also help to protect it for many years to come.
Last year, Merseyside fire and rescue service and the Royal Engineers were on hand to help residents tidy up the foreshore, removing a burned-out car and a variety of other large objects.
I stopped my journey to breath in its magnificence, along the length of the foreshore many travellers abound, couples walking hand in hand, children a play, dogs chasing balls, while old folk sat leaning on walking sticks astride tired ancient benches.
Hours earlier he had been walking to his home in Sketty Park along the curving foreshore footpath after spending a night with friends at the Cinderella's nightspot in Mumbles.
In recent years Darwin City Council has been concerned to make controlled use of foreshore land in and around the city and Pee Wees is a civilized result of this.
In the last year since we moved here there were some stones down on the foreshore, but now we have seen them more and more and when the tide is out it looks like a disaster area.
Gwent Beer Bellies won this round with 430 fish points and are lying third overall with 43 match points and Team Moonfleet, who were third at the foreshore with 345 fish points, have 44 match points to hold down second place.
The restoration is part of the council's ambition to make South Shields Foreshore the premier seaside destination in the North East.