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27], that normalizes the brightness values of SAR image pixels in foreshortening and layover areas by dividing the brightness value equally among all ground patches contributing to that particular SAR pixel (referred to as NRTC for simplicity).
In addition, a foreshortening effect was found; this may result from a line-of-sight judgment and represent a feature of the reporting method used.
It might help you to understand foreshortening if you place a mirror on the floor and look down into it.
11) When comparing the two types of linkage, Ford's researchers noted that the rod system withstood no more than 12 millimeters of door foreshortening, while the cables were generally unaffected by door foreshortening and bending.
My view has always been that if you can't beat them you should join them, and for future November 5ths I'd encourage our tracks to consider foreshortening meetings that night, perhaps run ten races ending at 9pm, and once the greyhounds are safely away, stage a fireworks display.
Just as we become conscious that the Earth took more than four billion years to bring forth this abundance of life, it is dawning on us how quickly we are foreshortening its future.
Nasal examination revealed a foreshortening of the columella secondary to fibrosis, with contracture (figure 3).
In addition, the foreshortening of lead times on delivery of capital equipment, a result of information and other newer technologies, has engendered a more rapid adjustment of capital goods production to shifts in demand that result from changes in firms' expectations of sales and profitability.
This foreshortening of emotion and event is typical of the novel.
As elevation angle increases, foreshortening of the scene decreases.
The usual result is to drive the originator off the air, foreshortening the product life cycle.