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Hesiod foreshows such a catalogue in the Theogony: "Semele, daughter of Kadmos, yielded to Zeus's lust, / and she, a mere mortal, is now the divine mother / of the dazzling and deathless god in whom many exult.
Weyrich foreshowed the coalition's political edge by adding that it was comprised of "reasonable" people, "yet they don't believe in compromise when compromise is not absolutely required."
It also brought the nation a sobering dose of racial reality that foreshows a long, painful and expensive struggle if we are ever to free ourselves of the enduring destruction and anguish flowing from what James Madison called our "original sin."
Shall I say then that the galvanic action of metals foreshows from afar the God head, the zinc the metal & the acid; or the marriage of plants the pollen the ovary, & the junction?" (JMN 5:30).