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Compared to the same point the year before, Foresight Solar's NAV per share is 4.2% higher from 105.2p.
the contract includes the support of the federal ministry of education and research (bmbf) in the forthcoming bmbf foresight process (foresight iii).
Under this agreement, Elbit, a leading Israeli defense electronics company, intends to integrate Foresight's image processing software into its products, systems and solutions, as well as to market it globally.
Led by advisers Ron York, Alan Berger, Rich Berger, Janet Sherry and Susan Rymer, Foresight manages USD 180m and generates about USD 2m in annual revenues.
QuadSight(TM), Foresight's four-camera vision system, offers exceptional obstacle detection for semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle safety.
And so, for those who still deride and mock Governor Obiano for his foresight in the last presidential election, those who wilfully seek cheap opportunities to laugh at him, it might be worthwhile to always remember; that even the Scriptures warned us in First Corinthians chapter one verse twenty seven, that sometimes, 'God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.'
Moore, Foresight president and CEO, said Foresight also enjoyed a good fourth quarter of 2018 by selling more than 6.1 million tons and generating revenue of approximately $299 million, resulting in EBITDA of nearly $87 million.
Foresight intends to use its excess cash flow for debt repayment and distribution to its common unitholders.
Beyer said, 'Cutlass presents a tremendous opportunity to replicate the safe, low cost, and highly productive operations that we had at Foresight. The high-quality coal at its operations enjoys a ready market in Asia and Europe.'
Improving the ability of AI and machine learning to shape business decisions will require applying some lessons from almost 50 years of corporate foresight. Those lessons can help machine learning algorithms and practitioners address three core problems that plague any forecasting effort: disbelief in the forecast, lack of strategic context, and delegation of foresight thinking.
Blue J Legal's growth is buoyed by the success of its Tax Foresight and Employment Foresight solutions.
Colin Everett, chief executive of Flintshire County Council, who administer the Clwyd Pension Fund, a backer of the Foresight Group, said: "Through our commitment to Foresight's Fund, Flintshire County Council is happy to be supporting the growth of local SMEs in North Wales and beyond.