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I think that you'll see some of the companies that are very foresightful will establish the position of chief information officer or CIO, who goes beyond the role of, simply, the information technology department manager .
Brewer in September, Buyers sat down with Hawaii Business associate editor Maria Torres-Kitamura twice - once in Hilo, once in Honolulu - for a wide-ranging interview that is at times foresightful and at others nostalgic.
Upper classes in particular appeared to have no difficulty making rational and foresightful choices which served their political interests to perfection.
Ernst Mayr's contributions to the macrotaxonomy of birds--primarily generic and familial revisions--numbered fewer than his contributions to microtaxonomy, but they were nevertheless influential and foresightful.
Foresightful owners would do well to begin promoting water-conservation education and building-wide programs for residents so that when meters are eventually installed, residents will be already accustomed to turning off the faucet while they brush their teeth.