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For example, Colin MacDonald, the knowledgeable "London Times" correspondent who read Chinese, was not invited, which was foresightful. For later on, when a communist guide in a provincial city was explaining how they had built a university there for the people, MacDonald pointed out that the characters carved in stone above the entrance proclaimed that it was a Christian Mission University for the people, built long ago.
could have emerged, just as did termite societies, without any self-conscious planning or foresightful action.
If I were foresightful, witty and quick, I would not be called the "Tell" (Fool).] (ll.284-86)
Even if technological intrusion into and manipulation of the environment had not left a lengthy and frightening record of unintended disasters in the past century or so, there would be no reason to have any faith that Monsanto was so wise and foresightful that it could predict with any certainty what the consequences of its genetic intrusions would be--and that they would always be benign.
I think that you'll see some of the companies that are very foresightful will establish the position of chief information officer or CIO, who goes beyond the role of, simply, the information technology department manager ...
When 25-year population growth estimates are exceeded at the 10-year mark, "foresightful" design of wastewater treatment facilities is essential.