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Corporate foresight practitioners have faced this truth as well, and those seeking to apply machine learning should anticipate it.
Like most myths, this story is meant to teach us something about human nature--in this case, how people react to foresight. Humans develop strong mental models of the future that they use to make decisions.
One lesson to take from these stories is that in foresight, the process is as important as, or perhaps even more important than, the answer.
Since the inception of her company she has expanded into foresight strategic positioning, media platforms such as social media, podcasting, video, producing a talk show, public relations (having her clients featured in magazines, podcasts, radio, TV, and speaking platforms).
Nilda Perez a Futurist and CEO of Foresight Strategies Group.
Speaking on the Torre de Cotillas 1 project, which Solarig Global Services is developing , Foresight said the facility will sell power to Spanish power provider, Energya-VM, an arm of Spanish industrial conglomerate Grupo Villar Mir, under a 10-year PPA.
Foresight director Carlos Rey said, The project sets an exciting new precedent in the Spanish solar industry as it is supported by a 10 year PPA at a fixed price.
Chairman of Foresight Group, Alex Ohlsson, said: The Board and I are delighted to announce the companys second significant solar acquisition overseas.
Similarly, foresight projects should identify a particular element of the business model to drive the focus question and guide the foresight process so that it delivers granular, actionable intelligence on that element.
In practice, choosing the focus question can be challenging, even dangerous to the long-term health of the foresight project.
The book is organized around what Burrus identifies as seven principles of flash foresight that can be used individually or in concert to create transformational innovation:
He advocates the "conscious exercise of your creative capacity to envision and rewrite your future life and career" using the principles of flash foresight. The individual focus of these principles is important; in my experience as a strategist and futurist, I have learned that leaders cannot outsource the future.