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Forestall is used in a wide variety of consumer, institutional and industrial products such as kitchen and bathroom surface deodorizers, home care and institutional air fresheners and effluent odor control products.
In other words, I would like to see countries in trouble recognizing their own problems, and requesting assistance under Article 17 to strengthen institutions and forestall crises, like the ones we've seen in Haiti and Venezuela.
Produced by the Coalition Information Centre, the document said, "Coalition countries are co-operating closely to forestall future attacks from international terrorism.
It should facilitate the identification of the universe of potentially affected taxpayers who may wish to participate and thereby forestall criticisms that a specific segment of the industry is not being consulted.
In an attempt to forestall any bad press about its new movie and to smooth ruffled feathers in China, Disney has hired former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as spokesman and goodwill ambassador.
Prior to the Court's decision, and in an attempt to forestall retaliatory legislation by foreign nations which could affect that decision, California enacted sweeping changes to the water's-edge election, effective for the 1994 income tax year.
If that becomes impossible, an arbitrator should be called in to forestall a lawsuit.
A preliminary report on a program to forestall welfare dependency in teen mothers and their children has raised hopes that it will become a model for breaking the cycle of poverty and welfare dependency nationwide.
Santa Clarita Valley did just that in 2003, hoping to forestall the need for an expensive treatment system for the increasingly polluted Santa Clara River.
Filmmakers Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt introduce Shelby as a typical well-brought-up young lady who's more or less oblivious to the hypocritical mores of her hometown--where abstinence-only sex education in school and exhortations in church against premarital sex have failed to forestall rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases among the state's highest.
Why have the extensive investments in technology done nothing to forestall budgetary train wrecks or to produce significant achievement gains?