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The heavy presence of security agents at the assembly complex was to forestall security breaches following the emergence of two parallel speakers for the state assembly.
'Our troops have been placed on red alert to forestall a recurrence of what is happening in Plateau.
He said the reason was the determination of the security agents to forestall a repeat of what happened at the last attempt to elect a governorship candidate for the party in the July 14 election.
To forestall an epidemic--a virus spreading through a group of linked computers--infected machines send out "kill signals" to warn other computers of the rampant invader.
He described the incident as 'saddening', saying that a special police team, led by a senior officer, had been deployed to the area to forestall a recurrence.
Drugs now commonly used to combat inflammation may forestall or slow the devastation of Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study of elderly twins.
He advised residents to be more careful in the way they use electrical appliances so as to forestall future fire accidents.
In Earth's case, the moons hefty mass forces Earth's spin axis to rotate, or process, rapidly enough to forestall wildly erratic variations in Earth's tilt.
With early diagnosis and treatment, doctors hope to prevent such lethal heartbeats and forestall further weakening of the body's powerhouse pump, he adds.
For a brief period, the orbiting antiprotons stays far enough away from the protons in the nucleus to forestall immediate annihilation.
Segall's analysis could be used to forestall this collapse, Raleigh says.
Researchers may learn to manipulate such natural mechanisms to forestall disease progression after HIV infection.