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At the first clash Sheeta was crushed and, though he deliberately fell upon his back and drew up his powerful hind legs beneath Numa with the intention of disemboweling him, the lion forestalled him and at the same time closed his awful jaws upon Sheeta's throat.
They forestalled us by ambushing Neil and Nicholas and taking them prisoners, while, as of old, bullets whistled about our ears when Charley and I attempted to take possession of the nets.
The question was tickling on my tongue, but she forestalled me.
She guessed his intention, and forestalled his demand by dropping a handful of sugar-plums down upon him.
She did not like to have her dramatic announcements forestalled.
I trust I shall, for I've a little bit of news for her - if you haven't forestalled me.
That a little gray-whiskered monkey had forestalled them they did not know, nor that three pairs of savage eyes were already watching their every move and waiting for them to come within reach of itching paws and slavering jowls.
You forestalled my wishes without the semblance of forestalling; them, so natural and inevitable was everything you did for me.
She was so completely under the thrall of the two clever ones, was so systematically kept in sight by one or other of them, and was so afraid to go about the house besides, that every opportunity of speaking to her alone appeared to be forestalled.
Pott, whose entrance at the moment forestalled the reply.
That spying operation was intended to prevent any compromise proposal that would have forestalled an invasion.