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In Criminal Law, to make oath to that which the deponent knows to be untrue. This term is wider in its scope than perjury, for the latter, as a technical term, includes the idea of the oath being taken before a competent court or officer and relating to a material issue, which is not implied by the word forswear.

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to perjure oneself See PERJURY.
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Although officially they foreswear metaphysics, covertly they love it and lace their popular writings with obiter dicta of that kind.
According to Rabinow, in accepting the scientific demystification of the natural world, we thereby foreswear the essentialist illusions of the past and face truthfully both the possibilities and the perils of self-production at the genetic level.
Although China did not feature prominently in yesterday's communique from the six-party talks in Beijing, there is reason to believe it played the major role in forcing North Korea to foreswear nukes.
The chief rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, proposed a sort of "Hippocratic Oath" for clergy, a vow to foreswear any religious justification of violence.
The United States has argued that Iran is violating not just its nuclear safeguards agreement, but also its obligation under Article II of the treaty to foreswear nuclear weapons.
The United States would be required to acknowledge the effects of its currency movements upon other countries, at least in extremis, and could get an opportunity to visibly foreswear unilateral action (in fact, comfortably doing so in an area where unilateralism usually works against it, rather than where it exercises such).
The basic structure of most such arrangements involves a substantial public allocation to candidates that foreswear private money, and a promise of matching money if an opponent spends more than the public allocation.
Were the federal and state governments to foreswear incentives competition, as Fry suggests, it would substantially diminish U.S.
He asked for clarification of the nonintervention clause and asked for guarantees that the EU would foreswear future interventions and colonization in the Americas.
For its part, public sector labour should foreswear its untenable job-control unionism for a more collaborative and, consequently, employment securing relationship with public sector employers.
At this meeting, held in Berchtesgaden, Hitler expressed his view that Germany and Britain should foreswear any possibility that conflicts between them would ever be resolved militarily.
But neither Neurath nor Fine would foreswear all concern with warrant, nor consider the episodes of scientific discourse they are concerned with as instances of merely one family of language-games amongst others.