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When Athanasius of Alexandria added Revelation to the first canonical list of New Testament writings, he interpreted the book as a foretelling of battles between Christians who accepted the Nicene Creed and those who did not.
The sheer number of coffee houses in Tel Aviv has prompted one innovative chain to make sure customers keep coming back for more - by foretelling their future.
If I were a Neanderthal woman, I would say a prayer every night to the Neanderthal god and she would send me dreams foretelling of a world of Starbucks mochas and M.
The model wasn't as successful in foretelling mild El Ninos.
Accounting for an approximately 10% aggregate amount of the national market, this statistic is certainly foretelling of what is occurring in the national marketplace.
Trustee varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but the Trustee is an additional key player in the bankruptcy drama who has the right (and sometimes the duty) to call into issue any deviations of the bankruptcy code or the foretelling of an inability to reorganize under a Chapter 11.
From opposing the federal air bag mandate and foretelling its lethal effects on children to forcing the government to consider safety when mandating fuel economy, CA has been consistent in assessing consumers' real interests and in exposing some of the risk trade-offs in many consumer protection policies.