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The incident of the serpent and the sparrows (2) takes place before them, and Calchas foretells what is going to befall.
Yes, a genuine expert can always foretell a thing that is five hundred years away easier than he can a thing that's only five hundred seconds off.
Who could foretell that she and George would meet in the rout of a civilization, amidst an army of coats and collars and boots that lay wounded over the sunlit earth?
Butterworth, she reflected that it is impossible to foretell the future with any degree of accuracy, that it is impossible to rehearse life.
you say you can foretell the fortunes of others; how is it you did not foresee your own?
On the second night the weather seemed to foretell a storm of snow or rain, and whilst lying in our beds we felt a trifling shock of an earthquake.
A classic bearish Head and Shoulders chart pattern foretells lower rates may follow in the coming days for USD/JPY.
According to the researchers, the technology foretells areas to be hit by a gale measuring 54 kilometers per hour or stronger after the radars monitor rain drop movements in the clouds by sending radio waves.
But I get the feeling as I write this that I am in the middle of a chronicle that, in the way of Marquez, foretells the death of this once proud and important town.
After an ominous explosion over the island of Kaua'i foretells the murderous assault of snake-beings that destroy Mano's home village, the mysterious mountain-dwelling race called tha anuku take him in.
The concepts of insurance policies and specific contracts gradually give way to the idea of overall risk mitigation contracts--a kind of "risk protection dial tone" This foretells of the need for partnerships between providers of risk mitigation (carriers, service providers and distribution channels) and the consumers and businesses In need of protection products or services.
The hierophant foretells of the resolution of old quarrels and the start of a better day.