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Two research institutes in Japan have jointly developed technology to foretell areas which might be hit by strong winds an hour ahead of time by using a radar observation network in the Tokyo metropolitan area, researchers said Monday.
The concepts of insurance policies and specific contracts gradually give way to the idea of overall risk mitigation contracts--a kind of "risk protection dial tone" This foretells of the need for partnerships between providers of risk mitigation (carriers, service providers and distribution channels) and the consumers and businesses In need of protection products or services.
The hierophant foretells of the resolution of old quarrels and the start of a better day.
Played by a game Tilda Swinton in upswept dreadlocks, great furry frocks and what appear to be huge black contact lenses, Jadis has locked the land into a permanent winter that the arrival of the human children, prophecy foretells, will turn to spring and the end of her reign.
Landolt foretells that their objections may lead to even this weak law being overturned (Canada.
Witnessing a murder in a dream foretells sadness from others' misdeeds.
Gen 6:1-4), and it foretells God's judgment at the end of time.
At Case Western, that kind of integration will soon criss-cross courses, schools, and institutions, says Hundert, creating a model for the kind of integrated study that will be unique to CWRU--"No deans negotiating shared tuition agreements," he foretells.
Whereas today's luxury buyer wants an instrument panel bristling with all of the controls that announce sophisticated functionality, JCI's research foretells a shift to more understatement.
In fact, the AOL/Time Warner merger foretells the direction that major surviving high-tech/new media companies will take; as new economy forms alliances with old economy, demand will benefit.
Utendahl's AT&T follow-up foretells a bright future in the business.
This rather unfocused beginning accurately foretells the equally unfocused examination of the "New Man.