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The local administration had forewarned the residents of Tank, Malakdin Khel, Nala and other areas to leave their abodes in view of the imminent operation.
He went on to caution investors by adding, "Shareholders should be forewarned that even though we are optimistic this placement will close in the very near future, there can be no assurance that it will take place and investment decisions based on this news should be carefully thought out.
Be forewarned -- complete with a vocal and head-turning audience, three different levels of difficulty and the opportunity to win prizes -- "K-Swiss Classic Tennis" is addictive.
We're all forewarned this time and should act rationally.
Be forewarned, complete with a vocal and head turning audience, three different levels of difficulty and the opportunity to win prizes, K-Swiss Classic Tennis is addictive.
We should be forewarned for those who crunch numbers on Monday that with the increased hours and given we don't have Tiger Woods going for his fourth consecutive major, the large interest last year won't be the same as far as ratings,'' golf host Jim Nantz said.
BUSINESS WIRE FEATURE)--Be forewarned and take out your outerwear: weather experts predict this winter to be more severe than last.
I see business intelligence giving us the ability to be forewarned and to challenge our thinking about our market, our competition and upcoming events.
But be forewarned about paintings, says appraiser Ramona Hillier-O'Hara, of Wilmerding & Hillier - a lot of what people own is mediocre.
Be forewarned, however, that Cisco may not appeal to all perspective employees.
Be forewarned, though: Here, the pig doesn't join the family for dinner.
Be forewarned, this product is laden with calories and fat - 210 calories and 16 grams fat per 2 tablespoon serving.