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At last a faint glow ahead forewarned us of the end of the tunnel, for which I for one was devoutly thankful.
Since the energy minister has forewarned the nation of prolonged bouts of loadshedding in days to come, these bulbs are supposed to be lit up by burning wood.
Summary: If you aggressively build your Facebook audience to expand your business, be forewarned
IN VIEW of the current news of David Cameron's veto on the European takeover of our financial decisions and the opting out of decision making by the Liberals, history should have forewarned us.
He told the inquiry that showbiz reporter Rav Singh called him in August 2002 and forewarned him he was to be subject of a sting operation where a girl would call him and tempt him to reveal personal details about himself.
The local administration had forewarned the residents of Tank, Malakdin Khel, Nala and other areas to leave their abodes in view of the imminent operation.
All the marines ready to go downrange have been forewarned not to carry out any of the listed activities in due respect of the Afghans.
I'm surprised they haven't forewarned the nation that severe flooding may occur when the big thaw begins.
I was forewarned, however, that Jakob might not take kindly to endless questions about his old man.
for refusal to comply with subjects who were forewarned of limitations
Additionally, being forewarned by itself should not affect selective exposure to counter-attitudinal information.
MOTORISTS are being forewarned that a major Teesside trunk road is to close today for improvement work.