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The AMLC said the forfeited and frozen amount includes money linked to illegal drugs, terrorism and other criminal activities.
Of the forfeited amounts as of 2017, P721.83 million were returned to the victims of criminal activity, while P48.86 million went to the government and another P100.88 million was turned over to the Ombudsman.
The candidates whose guarantee declared forfeited including Ajasim Sharif, Liaquat Abbas Bhatti, Hafiz Khalid Waleed, Hafiz Mian Mohammad Numan, Dr Mirza Mohammad Ashraf Baig, Arshad Mehmood Butt, Amir Buhadur Khan Hoti, Inam Ullah Khan, M.
"(T]he government's interest in the forfeited cash vested as soon as the defendant began selling drugs and before any proceeds started to reach him," Judge Bruce M.
If the two parties agree that the earnest money shall be forfeited in the event of reneging, each of them shall have the right to renege, and if the person who has paid the money reneges he shall lose it, and if the person receiving it reneges, he shall pay over double that amount.
Other people who forfeited cash seized from them were: Carl Haskayne, of Westminster Road, Wallasey (PS1,045); John McDonough, of Charnwood Close, West Derby (PS1,500); Jonathan Bellis, 36, of Millvale Street, Kensington (PS1,900); Jamie Gorst, 22, of Maryport Close, Everton (PS2,000); and Abby Mooney, 24, of Torpoint Close, West Derby (PS1,981).
The townhomes were forfeited in February 2010 by Mike Philip and John Martin, and the lots were recovered from Philip and Martin at a $1.6 million foreclosure sale in April 2010.
* LLCs that continue to do business while they are suspended (domestic LLCs) or forfeited (foreign LLCs).
The court ordered that the stock be forfeited and Iqbal's personal licence be suspended for three months.
If no trips are charged to this account in the next 14 days, your account balance will be forfeited."
Northants declared on 350-5 in the morning, leaving David Sales unbeaten on 138 from 285 balls, before both teams forfeited an innings, giving Glamorgan a winning target of 351 from 90 overs.
The one game that beat the weather was forfeited by Shakespeares who could only manage a team of five.