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Justice Oyewole had in the judgment ordered that the property is forfeited to victims of a crime perpetrated by Nwude, the first defendant.
Other people who forfeited cash seized from them were: Carl Haskayne, of Westminster Road, Wallasey (PS1,045); John McDonough, of Charnwood Close, West Derby (PS1,500); Jonathan Bellis, 36, of Millvale Street, Kensington (PS1,900); Jamie Gorst, 22, of Maryport Close, Everton (PS2,000); and Abby Mooney, 24, of Torpoint Close, West Derby (PS1,981).
Code, Section 881(e)(1)(E) (drug trafficking offenses), asset sharing is a discretionary authority vested in the Attorney General, the Secretary of Treasury, or their designees to transfer a percentage of the net forfeited assets or the proceeds of the sale of any forfeited property to any foreign country that participated directly or indirectly in the seizure or forfeiture of property.
In a 1989 case involving a drug dealer who owned and operated a ranch in Georgia, his quarter horses--all 27 of them--were forfeited on the theory that, as part of a legitimate business, the livestock helped create a "front" for the owner's illegal activities.
The defendant's counsel thereby withdrew two applications he had earlier filed in opposition to the move by the EFCC to have his properties forfeited.
KARACHI -- The Board of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has forfeited the Trading Rights Entitlement (TRE) of M/s NAM Securities (Private) Limited.
PESHAWAR -- National Accountability Bureau Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wednesday arrested Khiyal Ahmed a private person who allegedly transferred forfeited property worth millions of rupees through fraudulent means in connivance with officers and officials of Revenue Department Peshawar.
Under the Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) Act 2007, a vehicle will be forfeited if a driver commits a forfeiture offence such as death or harm by dangerous driving or dangerous driving to escape police pursuit.
However, premature mortality is an associated risk--on a client's death, any remaining investment in the contract is forfeited.
However, the statute also provides that when the lender is a bank or a savings and loan association, the usurious transaction is not void, but any interest thereon is forfeited.