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To lose to another person or to the state some privilege, right, or property due to the commission of an error, an offense, or a crime, a breach of contract, or a neglect of duty; to subject property to confiscation; or to become liable for the payment of a penalty, as the result of a particular act. To lose a franchise, estate, or other property, as provided by the applicable law, due to Negligence, misfeasance, or omission.

This nonconsensual deprivation transfers the property to another person or restores it to the original grantor.

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v. to lose property or rights involuntary as a penalty for violation of law. Example: the government can take automobiles or houses which are used for illegal drug trafficking or manufacture. A drug pusher may forfeit his/her car (property) if caught carrying drugs in it and found guilty. A parent may have to forfeit his/her house if his/her daughter is selling drugs from the house, even though the parent had nothing to do with and no knowledge of the drugs. One may have to forfeit one's driver's license or lose driving privileges due to multiple traffic violations or drunk driving. (See: forfeiture)

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In a three page order signed May 17, the BI Board of Commissioners denied with finality the Motion for Reconsideration filed by Fox's lawyers which sought a reversal of the Board's April 23, order forfeiting her visa and directing her to leave the country within 30 days.
With Stuart Mason forfeiting the 20 points that Ballyard Buddy had earned for finishing second to Blonde Reagan in last month's St Leger final at Wimbledon, he is now 34 adrift of Seamus Cahill, so the current top six appear certain to earn invitations to next year's Trainers' Championship meeting.
Another motorist, who also lost money in his Salik account for not using it, says the act of forfeiting a customer's money defeats what RTA claims to be the purpose of installing Salik gates.
That means not trying to negotiate a surrender, putting right disrepairs or accepting further rent, when the landlord is aware of the circumstances which will enable him to forfeit the lease but he has not yet taken those steps or when he is in the process of forfeiting the lease.
l The airport: A thank-you to all the people on this side of the city for forfeiting personal issues, including votes, in an effort to promote Birmingham.