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Over the next five weeks, I'm hoping to put together a betting strategy that will see me take on the short yins with an each-way call or, heaven forfend, take my place in the Arkle Bar with a pint of Guinness and that smug look that says: "I'm a smart arse, I'm not having a bet because the favourite is the wrong price, he'll most likely win and the others are here for the scraps.
Heaven forfend your online numbers dip, for example (not as successful today as you were last month?
For it to break out fully, it could take a day, or heaven forfend, five or six terrorist attacks.
The issue is that this stuff turning up in our crispy pancakes, lasagne and, heaven forfend, our MSPs' burgers, might have little resemblance to horse meat either.
That explains why the United States through the years has dropped bombs around Muammar Qaddafi--but not, heaven forfend, directly on him--and why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, and Robert Mugabe continue hale and hearty.
I know my numbers and heaven forfend they should roll out (never have since it started obviously).
Heaven forfend, it might even involve asking players to get sent off, to wipe the disciplinary sheet clean.
Heaven forfend that those responsible should not be put in the stocks and made to endure being pelted by the public with verbal rotten eggs.
And we pray that heaven forfend the day when the chocolate martini is not merely sanctioned, but required under a thoroughly strained reading of the equal protection clause.
One blindingly obvious answer is that on the very rare occasions when our rulers come up with a genuinely innovative idea - heaven forfend a radical improvement - it is doomed to a death by a thousand cuts inflicted on it by the various entrenched interest groups who have a treacly tentacle in the decision-making process.
Birmingham, a modern city of a million people, might be exposed as a place where, heaven forfend, naked women can be glimpsed in a club licensed by the council.
The pose evokes a more classical era--perhaps Hepburn in the 1930s, not least because of Dowd's brilliant red hair--imparting the unmistakable message that this article, and the book from which it came, are personal, even idiosyncratic, rather than philosophical or, heavens forfend, academic.