forge ahead

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Did one forge ahead an arrow found his heart; did one lag behind he never again was seen alive; did one stumble to one side, even for a bare moment from the sight of his fellows, he did not return--and always when they came upon the bodies of their dead they found those terrible arrows driven with the accuracy of superhuman power straight through the victim's heart.
When something thwarted him, his sole idea was to overcome it by brute strength and ferocity, and so now when he found his way blocked, he tore angrily into the leafy screen and an instant later found himself within a strange lair, his progress effectually blocked, notwithstanding his most violent efforts to forge ahead.
Nor would he forge ahead of me, though he could have done so in a moment, he who from his boyhood had done everything of the kind so much better than anybody else.
At the end of another hour the Pyrenees had scarcely gained her length, but the wind freshened and she began to forge ahead.
Banky said he would not be deterred by any obstacle and promsied to focus on the finsih line and forge ahead.
Despite the high inflation rate, the softening of world oil prices in the past weeks prompted the administration to forge ahead with the second phase of TRAIN, which will mean an increase in the fuel excise tax.
Then when progressive rock came along in the latter half of the decade it swept most of these superficial outfits away leaving only a special few to forge ahead in the changed landscape of more "serious" music.
Summary: The Egyptian government sharply raised fuel prices early on Saturday, apparently signaling the resolve of the country's new president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, to forge ahead with a series of austerity measures despite official concerns about a public backlash.
Arenas duo beat Farri Chaharsuoghi /Lynne Fairbairn 21-12, 21-18 for a straight set win to forge ahead.
Joey Williams got EW off to a fine start beating Ted Cramsie and they held the lead until the sixth match when Tony Kendall comfortably beat Chris Browne to forge ahead by 22 points.
"This is a big lesson for States that it is inevitable to forge ahead with reform since reform is a process, not a decision that has a beginning and an end.
Addressing the Assembly's annual General Debate al-Qirbi said Yemen made great strides in the implementation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative and its mechanisms and is now turning to the second phase to conclude the work of the comprehensive national dialogue and forge ahead with the process to shape a future.