forge ahead

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Did one forge ahead an arrow found his heart; did one lag behind he never again was seen alive; did one stumble to one side, even for a bare moment from the sight of his fellows, he did not return--and always when they came upon the bodies of their dead they found those terrible arrows driven with the accuracy of superhuman power straight through the victim's heart.
When something thwarted him, his sole idea was to overcome it by brute strength and ferocity, and so now when he found his way blocked, he tore angrily into the leafy screen and an instant later found himself within a strange lair, his progress effectually blocked, notwithstanding his most violent efforts to forge ahead.
Nor would he forge ahead of me, though he could have done so in a moment, he who from his boyhood had done everything of the kind so much better than anybody else.
At the end of another hour the Pyrenees had scarcely gained her length, but the wind freshened and she began to forge ahead.
Summary: Agadir - Morocco is fully committed to forge ahead with the reform of the judiciary, the Justice Minister Mohamed Naciri underlined on Friday.
When one is injured, three forge ahead, riding through Confederate lines, staying in wartime Richmond, Virginia, falling in love, and finally escaping back to Union territory in the Shenandoah Valley.
The Boeing conversion program gives us the flexibility to address our growing need for freighter aircraft in a timely and efficient manner - making best use of ANA's existing resources - as we forge ahead with our plans to create a new cargo airline and renew our fleet.
With the adoption of this inkjet production method, DNP aims to forge ahead with the expansion of more efficient production capabilities, and cost cutting solutions, while also achieving the kind of highly pure colors that were not previously available with photolithographic techniques.
The company behind a controversial quarry proposal on Lake Superior says it will forge ahead with site preparations and dock improvements this summer despite published reports suggesting Ontario Environmental Minister Leona Dombrowsky is considering ordering a full environmental assessment (EA) on the development.
Although noting that China's "craze" to build additional blast furnaces and strip mills could result in "not so favorable" profit prospects for Chinese mills by the end of this decade, the WSD forecast still anticipates the Chinese economic expansion will forge ahead the rest of this decade.
This market continues to be strong giving us comfort to forge ahead on other developments in Brooklyn.
The board encouraged the Tax Division to forge ahead with its proposal.