forged copy

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Whoever uses the forged copy while aware it is forged will also get the same prison term.
The court heard she committed a separate fraud between July 2011 and May 2012 when setting up the dance school in Shiremoor, North Tyneside, by failing to disclose her previous conviction for fraud with regard to the Disneyland trip and handing in a forged copy of her CRB certificate issued in 2007.
Ms Blair insisted on seeing Walker's Criminal Records Bureau certificate, but she handed in a forged copy of a certificate issued in 2007.
NYSE: ALR), and suspects IMB of submitting of a forged copy of the Triage BNP Test product standard including a fabricated chop of verification and date of verification approval.
In each and every case, the copy of the original route deposit was higher than the forged copy by exact multiples of $1,000.
The forged copy points to a hostile bid at 600p a SABshare, and an unrealistic bid timetable which nevertheless sent the shares off in different directions.
He said a hand writing expert had examined the document and decided it contained a forged copy of her signature.
They have been charged with forging and falsifying a copy of an official document and using that forged copy (leasing contract details registration certificate).
com by faxing them a forged copy of the owners' signatures.
However, the owner of the car rental company suspected the passport to be a forged copy and reported the matter to the police, who immediately launched a probe that led to the arrest of the two suspects.
The fake side will either be a forged copy of the corresponding side of a genuine note.