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Immigration police said Iqbal was affiliated with a shadowy Iranian master forger known as The Doctor' who sold Triple A' quality passports to refugees, economic migrants and criminals from a Bangkok suburb for nearly 20 years.Detectives hailed his 2016 arrest as a major breakthrough in the fight against passport crime although other forgers have taken his place.
According to the report, organized crime groups have used the fake money produced by the forgers in Kermanshah.
As to other parts of the world, the trials of the Norwegian extremist Anders Behring Breivik (who killed 77 people) show that he was the biggest degree forger in Europe and made a fortune selling them to prominent officials in the US, Canada and the European Union.
Lahore -- Senior Member Board of Revenue Nadeem Ashraf has said that on the instructions of Punjab Chief Minister, electronic stamp paper is being introduced in district Lahore from June 08 for eradication of forger mafia after which its scope will be expanded throughout the province.
He said that forger mafia deserves no sympathy and leniency.
The Forgers is a novel I have been unintentionally researching my entire adult life.
Elmyr de Hory, featured in a new Ringling Museum exhibition, was one of the world's most famous art forgers. We ask his friend and biographer, Sarasota's Clifford Irving, about the man and his motives.
With the advent of technical art history, which brings historical research to bear on scientific analysis, the cat-and-mouse game between forgers and experts has moved on to new territory--as witnessed in the now infamous Beltracchi case
RIYADH: Alvin Patrick ReloxThe Philippine Embassy has issued a warning on Sunday to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to be wary of various document scammers and forgers in line with the countdown to the amnesty deadline next month.
A GANG of forgers peddling fake PS20 notes in Edinburgh are coating their dodgy cash with hairspray to make it harder to detect.
She gets the techniques and the psychology of successful forgers and the pathology of obsessive collectors." PATRICIA HAGEN
Fake or Fortune (BBC One, tonight, 7pm) | Week after week this series has proved to be fascinating viewing, as presenter Fiona Bruce and expert Philip Mould lay bare some of the tricks of the forgers' trade by assessing supposedly valuable works of art from around the world.