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"No; it only makes one forget," replied the girl Ruler.
"You may all go to bed, and I advise you to forget your worries just as completely as if you had drunk of the Water of Oblivion in the Forbidden Fountain.
'No, Lawrence, you're wrong there: she is not determined to forget me.
"I'm very fond of you , Maggie; I shall never forget you ," said Philip, "and when I'm very unhappy, I shall always think of you, and wish I had a sister with dark eyes, just like yours."
"I forget them after I kill them," he replied carelessly.
I forgot to tell you before.' Oh, Diana, I shall never forget that awful moment if I live to be a hundred.
Miss Knag of course replied, that to forget anything Madame Mantalini had directed, was a moral impossibility; and that lady, dispensing a general good-morning among her assistants, sailed away.
'We will forget them; or, if we ever call them to mind, it shall be only as some uneasy dream that has passed away.'
"Nay, ah winna forget. An' if she isn't suited, she can but coom back.
I forget whether you like babies; if you do, you may have the pleasure of seeing mine--the most charming child in the world, no doubt; and all the more so, that I am not troubled with nursing it--I was determined I wouldn't be bothered with that.
They have always stood, I believe, for Do Not Forget!'
In the stress of privation and the need of effort I might sometimes forget the somber secret ever baffling the conjecture that it compels.