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Braun suggests three main traits to help you differentiate if you brain blips are a common case of forgetfulness or a sign of illness: change in occurrence, frequency, and whether there is nothing else to possibly explain them.
Lethologica is the temporary forgetfulness of what?
Other reasons for skipping parts of their regime included forgetfulness (40%), laziness (36%) and running late for work (12%).
These days we just joke about forgetfulness, deafness and never listening to a word the other says" Sandra Howard, wife of former Tory leader Michael Howard, on their current marital banter.
In the confessions of numerous Jewish children who escaped the Holocaust and hid their identity, the conflict between memory and forgetfulness is revealed as an illusion.
IF so, the good news is it may mean you have fewer problems with thinking and forgetfulness in later life.
Lapses can clearly be tied to the gene variant The scientists used statistical methods to check whether it was possible to associate the forgetfulness symptoms elicited by means of the surveys to one of the DRD2 gene variants.
When an individual's memory fails with age, and the memory loss is not severe enough to significantly affect the activities of daily living, forgetfulness is often related to potentially reversible issues that interfere with memory formation or recall, such as vitamin deficiency, the effect of medications, medical issues, or mental and behavioral factors such as distraction, apathy, or multitasking.
No one is free from blame in Pare Durban's new novel, The Tree of Forgetfulness, not even the reader.
Washington, Feb 22 ( ANI ): Older adults can eliminate forgetfulness and perform as well as younger adults on memory tests, a new study has found.
The forgetfulness accompanying the march of time may be reversible - in mice at least.