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It wouldn't be a bad way to forget our troubles," suggested Uncle Henry.
and danced after him, searching for the drawing-room; and I forget whether they found it, but at any rate they found corners, and they all fitted in.
No, no," said the Serpent; "take away your gifts; you can never forget the death of your son, nor I the loss of my tail.
No, it is not: I wish her to be happy; but I don't wish her to forget me altogether.
The best thing you can do for both of us is to forget me.
Oh, no, I sha'n't forget you, I'm sure," said Maggie, shaking her head very seriously.
It was dreadful of me to forget," said Anne apologetically, "but that was the afternoon I was trying to think of a name for Violet Vale and it crowded other things out.
Miss Knag of course replied, that to forget anything Madame Mantalini had directed, was a moral impossibility; and that lady, dispensing a general good-morning among her assistants, sailed away.
We will forget them; or, if we ever call them to mind, it shall be only as some uneasy dream that has passed away.
And ye winna forget to send us word when your Martha writes?
Selfish, unworthy daughter, to forget her for a moment
It is not what it used to be; but some of our old friends (principally the writers of this letter) have the kindness not to forget us, and we retain the power of doing what they entrust to us as efficiently as we ever did.