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The forgetter was considered "mentally dull, inconstant, untrustworthy, and unethical" (51).
NO, A PENCIL'S for lists if you're a forgetter or sending off news to your pen pal by letter for schoolwork at school and for schoolwork at home for drawing a picture, like maybe a gnome, for making a poem, design, or a doodle for showing the world what you have in your noodle for scribbling stories both wild and exciting.
Closing the show, Green proved he was, as host Corden claimed, "The coolest mother forgetter in the room.
Pierre Nora likens the lieu de memoire to a tomb, characterized by a fluctuation on the part of the rememberer (or forgetter, as the case may be) between a movement towards and a renunciation or movement away: "Les lieux de memoire, ce sont d'abord des restes.