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So for the final four years of his seven-year contract, Morgan Stanley, without his knowledge, applied the bonus side of his deal to pay the taxes, which indicated he was no longer paying off the notes and negated his forgivable loan, he says.
The primary issues for consideration are whether the receipt of proceeds from a forgivable loan constitutes gross income and whether the provisions contained in a loan agreement would provide enough substance for the loan to be considered bona fide debt.
The city has also approved the Fresh Food Retail Incentive Program, which will provide low-interest and forgivable loans to increase healthy food access in underserved areas.
I think if he'd been falling over drunk, doing what he did, it might have been more forgivable, but in the photos he looks completely compos mentis - taking multi-tasking to a whole new level, chatting on his phone and casually punching in his PIN number while taking a pee.
The Business Development Forgivable Loan Fund was created to increase employment and capital investment in Deschutes County and help offset the cost of business relocation to and within the region.
So that level of incompetence is not forgivable, it's criminal.
Kristofferson once referred to Scotland as England but, when you have tunes such as Sunday Morning Coming Down to fall back on, even that faux pas is forgivable.
The Business Improvement Matching Funds Program provides dollar-for-dollar matching funds in the form of a forgivable loan of up to $10,000 per property.
And while it is certainly a forgivable offense for society to fail to see something that was, by definition, unforeseeable, it is not forgivable for us to fail to learn from it.
Perhaps less forgivable is the collapsing of Richard's 1385 campaign in Scotland and his two expeditions in Ireland (1394-5, 1399) into two expeditions to the Scots, pursued, according to Dr Mortimer, equally 'half-heartedly'.
Summary: Upon entering the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon, one is struck by the large number of old taxis and it would be forgivable to think for a moment that one has inadvertently walked into an old Mercedes shop.
The payments to UBS include a cash payment of up to approximately USD27m based on the actual number of branches and financial advisers acquired by Stifel Nicolaus, annual earn-out payments for the first two-year period, and aggregate payments of up to approximately USD19m for net fixed assets and employee forgivable loans.