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The primary issues for consideration are whether the receipt of proceeds from a forgivable loan constitutes gross income and whether the provisions contained in a loan agreement would provide enough substance for the loan to be considered bona fide debt.
The Business Development Forgivable Loan Fund will help GL Solutions offset office relocation expenses, as well as facilitate job creation and training.
The Facade Improvement Loan Program provides forgivable loans of up to $15,000 for exterior improvements such as painting and plastering, signage and awnings, windows and doors, architectural elements and lighting.
And while it is certainly a forgivable offense for society to fail to see something that was, by definition, unforeseeable, it is not forgivable for us to fail to learn from it.
Summary: Upon entering the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon, one is struck by the large number of old taxis and it would be forgivable to think for a moment that one has inadvertently walked into an old Mercedes shop.
The payments to UBS include a cash payment of up to approximately USD27m based on the actual number of branches and financial advisers acquired by Stifel Nicolaus, annual earn-out payments for the first two-year period, and aggregate payments of up to approximately USD19m for net fixed assets and employee forgivable loans.
Further, our general result that loan-financed trades yield lower excess returns than other trades is strongest in our sample of forgivable loans.
Making one mistake is forgivable but two with the same woman?
However, the multiple recycling of passages throughout the book is not so easily forgivable.
Besides offering forgivable loans for houses near campus, some reserve housing at discounted prices for moderate- to low-income families.
What some might see as a forgivable sin of omission, Singh interprets as equivalent to racism.
But the impeccably staged production by out director Nicholas Hytner makes any melodramatic excesses forgivable, with the help of a superb ensemble cast and a snazzy set designed by Bob Crowley.