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The few errors--Smiley argues, for example, that Forster rather than Bulwer-Lytton recommended that Dickens change the original ending of Great Expectations--are forgivably venial.
The forgivably sexist persona that Capek has created in The Gardener's Year is a male garden advisor warning of the unremitting battle you will have with nature in your attempt to create your own little paradise.
Attempting to highlight the insidious allure of the instant riches mass tort litigation promises, he portrays each of Carter's hesitating transgressions as forgivably small, taken in isolation.
Copland also perceived errors in the conduct of economic policy, first in opposing monetary expansion, and second, and perhaps more forgivably, in seeing the depression purely in monetary terms (1951, p.
The "no-train-wreck-can-happen" position, however, required a quite remarkable exercise of historical amnesia, not only of the elections of 1800 and 1824, which is perhaps understandable, but also, less understandably and far less forgivably, of the 1948 and 1968 elections.
Alice and Martin'' is a richly populated, observant film that suffers, forgivably, from an excess of curiosity about the world it depicts - a surfeit of generosity, intelligence and art.
As in the earlier publication, the accent is on diversity of topic and method rather than connecting threads or common themes, and most of the writing betrays the forgivably self-conscious zeal of specialists writing for other specialists on subjects that enjoy a tradition of exemplary scholarship.
I'm just a classic, old-fashioned director," a forgivably defensive Akalaitis said before the opening, dismissing the typical question about her reputation as a revisionist auteur.
He says nothing about the implications of the collapse of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe - forgivably, since these events occurred after the book was written.
that spot where Demosthenes, done with the unseemly Paradise of the continuous remarkable world, turned, forgivably, back to town.
The text pays scant attention, for example, to the impact made upon historical studies by such disciplines as anthropology or feminism, and, less forgivably, to the techniques of source analysis.
The welfare state which resulted from this new moral imagination failed, she argues, not only to achieve equality but, less forgivably, to eliminate poverty.