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Implicit in Peter's question is the understanding that one may forgive a wrongdoer a few times, even as many as seven, but not more.
The Saviour will rather forgive sins committed against Himself than those against one's neighbour.
Who am I to forgive them, especially as they haven't asked for my forgiveness?
Hatred, revenge and refusing to forgive cause so much stress and sadness.
I would also forgive you if you had handed me over to the cops--
Unfortunately, while most of us have been told to forgive, and forgiveness is a key principle of the Judeo/Christian tradition, we've never been told how or why to forgive.
A MERSEYSIDE bride-to-be who swapped weddings for wanderlust after, her big day was called off, told how she has finally learned to forgive her ex.
People who genuinely forgive tend to be healthier and happier, science suggests.
He held he was ready to forgive Pervez Musharraf and all those who were behind Lal Masjid operation.
Overall, participants rated forgive and forget as the most familiar but most difficult technique to implement.
Someday, father, your harrowed bones must forgive the rack we put
I do not forgive Dylann Roof, a racist terrorist whose name I hate saying or knowing.