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She has never forgiven the assassins who got rid of her in such a humiliating and public way.
Several discrepancies surfaced between the amounts recorded in the general ledger and amounts purported to be forgiven in letters submitted as evidence.
Our sins are forgiven, our guilt and shame are wiped away, and we have been drawn into an eternal relationship of love and blessing.
New York, March 2 (ANI): Tiger Woods could be forgiven for cheating on his wife with several women, but not Ponzi king Bernie Madoff, says a survey.
ERNEST GORDON: The Scottish former prisoner-of-war, now 89, has forgiven his brutal Japanese captors and his story is to be made into a Hollywood film.
Sometimes people ask, "Can you forgive someone who doesn't want to be forgiven or doesn't ask for forgiveness?
London, Sep 16 (ANI): American singer Tito Jackson has revealed that he has forgiven his late brother Michael Jackson's personal doctor Conrad Murray, the prime suspect in the 'Thriller' star's death.
Why is it that some people expect to be forgiven for their mistakes, their words, their actions and their transgressions but they are so unwilling to extend the same courtesy to others?
During the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings she had met, and forgiven, the people who carried out the killings.
I know God has forgiven me, but I can't forgive myself.
ANTHONY WALKER would have forgiven his attackers if he had lived, according to his devastated family.