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Imagine a would-be forgiver who is deeply ambivalent or conflicted in his attitude toward the offender.
Unlike that of divine reconciliation, forgivers must first see, by reasonable evidence, that the offender is now trustworthy (even though it is still a risk).
"The peace of Christ be with you" is the greeting of sinner to sinner, Christian to Christian as forgiven forgivers. It is a blessing that calls us to humility and generosity in equal measure.
A Research by Lawler-Row, Karremans, Scott, Edlis-Matityahou, and Edwards (2008) also revealed that forgiveness may have beneficial effects for the forgiver's health.
as asked for forgiver his actions, saying have been times his l conduct has fallen the standards ed of me as a priest, shop and cardinal".
GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful." [Al- Baqarah: 173].
Conversely, parents can teach through their own actions the concept of Christ as a loving healer, a forgiver, one who leads people to act with justice.
But "The Kid with a Bike" takes another turn when it turns out that the forgiver has moral limitations when faced with an unexpected crisis.
The adolescent as a forgiver. Journal of Adolescence, 12(1), 95-110.
The traits characterizing boys include hot-headed, courageous, strong, quick, mischievous, joyful, chatterer, good, forgiver, serious, sad, quiet, and dreamer.
If you believe in God, you'll know that he's a forgiver and finding peace within yourself is what matters.
Glen Pettigrove (2004), however, has recently argued that victim self-respect may in fact derive from the "perceived nobility" of forgiving an unrepentant wrongdoer, from "one's pride in manifesting what one takes to be a virtue" and it may be affirmed (he adds) by the forgiver's community insofar as they see the victim's forgiveness of the unapologetic wrongdoer "as a sign of moral strength." He concludes that in both these ways forgiving unconditionally can "enhance rather than diminish one's self-respect" (p.