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Trait Forgivingness Scale (TFS; Berry, Worthington, O'Connor, Parrott, & Wade, 2005).
Rumination: Bridging a gap between forgivingness, vengefulness, and psychological health.
This factor was strongly linked with the sensitivity to circumstances factor before forgiving that is also part of the forgivingness construct.
2001) described the TNTF as a brief measure of forgivingness that is not theory dependent; therefore, it can be used with different theoretical models.
Many things, no doubt, including the effects of his important philosophical conversation with Jean Hampton, the draw of Christianity, and his increasing attraction to the virtue of forgivingness.
But when it came to people, and especially to people in positions of dependency or need--to children in need of care, students in need of encouragement, clients in need of lawyers to represent them--Joe gave of himself with a generosity and compassion and affectionate forgivingness that is the heart of love, here on earth, among human beings who are vulnerable and needy and fallible in countless ways.
Their fidelity, their forgivingness, their lack of accusation, no matter what, is deeply admirable.
By seizing such a huge share of Earth's landscape, by imposing so wantonly on its providence and presuming so recklessly on its forgivingness, by killing off so many species, they say, we will doom our own species to extinction.
The forgiving person" refers to the person with the virtue of forgivingness.
It is eminently reproducible in "Christ-bearers" (not "anonymous Christians") who are ready to read the world as the arena of the love that suffers and join themselves with the forgivingness of Christ in every place.
Gratitude, forgivingness, and well-being in adulthood: Tests of moderation and incremental prediction.
Differentiation-based models of forgivingness, mental health, and social justice commitment: Mediator effects of differentiation of self and humility.