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Trait Forgivingness Scale (TFS; Berry, Worthington, O'Connor, Parrott, & Wade, 2005).
Rumination: Bridging a gap between forgivingness, vengefulness, and psychological health.
This factor was strongly linked with the sensitivity to circumstances factor before forgiving that is also part of the forgivingness construct.
Forgivingness: Relationship with conceptualizations of God's forgiveness and childhood memories.
Attachment and trait forgivingness: The mediating role of angry rumination.
A deeper understanding of what it means to forgive, and the psychological and spiritual benefits, may help to facilitate forgivingness among those for whom forgiveness comes less easily (Enright & Fitzgibbons, 2000).
Moreover, a dispositional (trait forgivingness) and a situational (the perception of the offender's contrition) variable were also included to explore the potential interactive effects these might have with the treatment conditions.
There is plenty of room in Murphy's conception of the virtuous person for the idea that forgivingness is a virtue and, conversely, that vindictiveness is a vice, but there is also a recognition that forgivingness can cross over into a lack of self-respect, and that anger and even hatred of another will sometimes display strength and healthy self-respect, not the vicious aspect of vindictiveness.
They are a cross to be borne, a test of Russia's capacity for humble Christian forgivingness. So together with such stereotypes which Solzhenitsyn writes into this monologue, such as "Jews control the media, as well as literary and theatrical criticism" (shades of Stalin's vicious "anti-cosmopolitan" campaign of 1949-53!), and "international Jewish finance," comes recognition of Russia's duty to suffer the Jews.
It is action, a way of being in the world that manifests the divine: To live out agape if to protect, trust, hope, and persevere with the other in patience, kindness, selflessness, humility, equanimity, forgivingness. We are called to strive toward this action but no where in the New Testament is it said that any human being other than Jesus can hope to live it perfectly.
Social ties may even hamper repayment discipline if they lead to more "forgivingness" toward defaulters.
Even the young child's unconscious racism and the most shaming events of the youth's love life can be presented in a special mode of secular confession where "we sense the unflinchingness more strongly than the forgivingness" (159).